Tuesday, July 27, 2021

A Symphony of Cicadas - #SOL21


Slice of Life

Almost every evening, around 7:30pm, when the sun is in just the right position to shade the street in my tree-lined neighborhood, I walk my Princey-Poo-Poo.

Yesterday evening, the cicadas were louder than I remember during any other walk.

Their music started out mezzo, or moderately soft, but only for second, before rising to a crescendo that was almost deafening (not really). 

As I listened, I thought, I'm experiencing a symphony of cicadas.

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Time Well Spent - #SOL21


There are times in our lives when we sacrifice our own wants and needs for those of another. Today, I had the privilege of doing this very thing for my daughter. 

I absolutely did not want to leave the house today, except to run a specific errand. But, I could tell my recently-graduated daughter was eager to get out. She spent the last 3 years making a life in Austin, but is now in transition as she moves back home. So, I did my best to extend our outing as much as I could.

1. Petco - to return an unneeded item

2. Michael's - to browse the isles

3. Marshalls / Home Goods - to check out the gourmet foods

4. Starbucks - for a late lunch and cold drinks

5. TJ Maxx - since it's on the way home (and they also have gourmet foods)

We didn't need to, nor did we, spend a lot of money. Because, today was more about spending time.

Quality Time is her Love Language after all.