Saturday, September 11, 2021

Trees - #SOS - Sharing Our Stories

Fire Dragon Maple             Chinese Pistache   

This invitation to write about trees made me reflect on my current experience. We recently planted two new trees in our front yard, after having two cedar-like trees removed.

The cedar trees had been planted by the original builders/owners of our home over 14 years ago. They had grown very tall and wide, and begun to restrict the amount of sunlight the lawn underneath their branches received.  They were also very messy trees that left feather-like foliage and sap-filled pods all over our yard.

Since the two new trees have been planted, I have had to learn how to care for them. Trees are very expensive. You may not be aware, if you have not had to purchase trees before. So, I have had to be very careful and fully aware of when and how much to water the trees, as well as how to mix the twice-per-month seaweed treatment.

As an educator, I consider myself, a lifelong learner. I have always attributed that characteristic to continuously learning and staying on top of my craft as a teacher. 

As a new tree owner, I now know (have learned) a bit about trees...a topic that has never been an interest of mine. But, since I have no plans to purchase more trees, I am applying what I have learned to ensure I don't kill these.