Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Mid-Morning Observations

March 18, 2020

I went for a run/walk today. It was hard, because I really pushed myself. Afterwards, I decided to just walk. I took out my phone and started recording my observations.

so many birds singing their morning songs
the sun peeking through floating clouds
a gentle breeze cools the air

rushing rivers of water flow along the curbs
waters collected during last night's storm
piles of brittle tree limbs litter the pavement

the neighborhood is quiet
only the sounds of nature can be heard
a far cry from the early morning crackles of thunder and lightning

the air smells fresh, almost like "newness"
a warm smile from a contractor busy about his work
the trees shake off showers of rain left behind

the sun shines through a little bit more
present longer as the clouds thin out
this gentle breeze cools me so

I needed to get out off my normal routine in good way...being present in this moment...seeing, hearing, feeling the beauty all around me.


  1. Your observations are so calming. I especially love the lines "rushing rivers of water flow along the curbs," "far cry from the early morning crackles of thunder and lightning," and "the tress shake off showers of rain left behind." Lovely.

  2. Sounds beautiful. You’ve captured the calm at a time when everything feels frenzied. I thank you for that.

  3. Your words are revealing how you are opening up to a new experience of close observation. So magical!

  4. You make the walk sound so relaxing and calming. Hopefully, I will get a chance to get in some of this calming walking time soon.

  5. This reminds me of the post I wrote today, a thank you for time to notice. There are bright spots. Great job finding them.

  6. I love this -- how you wrote it, the descriptions, and your decision to use color in this way. So nice!

  7. You have written your observations so eloquently! I love your descriptions, and I love your use of color, too. :-) ~JudyK


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