Tuesday, June 22, 2021

A Golden Shovel - #SOL21

I am participating in the Chippewa River Writing Project, and the "write out" prompt for the day required that I write a "Story Only I Can Tell."

In my response I used the line "Only I can tell the story of...".as a refrain, beginning each thought.

So, I have decided to use that line in a Golden Shovel that I wrote for a different writing opportunity.

    There are stories that need to be told and the ONLY

    one who can tell them is you, or I.

    Words inside of us that would, will, CAN

    penetrate the reader's mind and soul and TELL

    of joys and pain, and heartache, and triumph...THE

    lines of the perfectly-crafted STORY

    that only you, or I, possess the words OF.


  1. This is such an empowering poem for writers! I love the Golden Shovel form. I just checked out Nikki Grimes new book, Legacy. She took poems from women of the Harlem Renaissance and created her own Golden Shovel poems. I'm loving it and wondering how to use it with my students at the beginning of the year. I'd love to share your poem as a mentor as well!

    1. Jackie, I would be honored if you used my poem as a mentor.

  2. What an incredible poem! I'd never heard of this form before. Thank you for sharing and introducing me to something new.

  3. I think using your own story and lifting a line from that is a wonderful way to create your golden shovel. "TELL/of joys and pain, and heartache, and triumph." Story on, Donnetta!

  4. "Words inside of us that would, will, CAN"
    -Wow. I love this trio of words: would, will, can. That's some powerful stuff there! Thank you for sharing this poem.

  5. Such a neat form you used. The emphasis and structure worked so well.

  6. Love this! Thanks for sharing it Donnetta!