Friday, March 4, 2022

First UIL Creative Writing Practice - Day 4 - SOL 2022

Yesterday I had the privilege of spending 45 minutes with three 2nd grade girls who have signed up to participate in our UIL Creative Writing competition.

Writing is my jam, so I am UBER stoked to be their coach.

We each wrote and shared a story yesterday. They have some really good writing skills that simply need some polishing.

I can't wait to see, and for them to see, how much their writing improves over the next several weeks.



  1. And I bet they're uber excited as well! I hope you share about some of the writing experiences!

  2. Sharing stories is the best! Storytellers are writers, writing history in the oral tradition that needs a pen for preservation.

  3. So fun! The creativity of 2nd graders is exciting! They have no need to feel squelched - their minds just go, and go, and go.

  4. The girls are lucky to have such a passionate teacher. This is so powerful,"Writing is my jam."

  5. Well, isn't that fun to work with such a small group of committed and motivated writers. I'm sure that will be a delight. Enjoy the process!