Sunday, March 28, 2021

No More Dirty Laundry - SOLSC 2021


I may need to start doing laundry more often. 

Based on my initial statement, you probably think this Slice is about running out of some article of clothing. Well, just keep reading.

For the last 3 years, since retiring almost 6 years ago, my husband has taken care of much of the cooking and laundry for our family of 3.

One Sunday afternoon, while husband and son were at baseball practice, I decided to do the know, to pitch in and help out.

I put the load of laundry in, added detergent, and selected the "Normal" cycle. Then, I pressed "Start".

The tub begins to turn...first, a rotation right; next, a rotation left. But, there isn't any water. Not even water-flowing sounds. Water usually flows down the inside of the washing machine door. But, it's not. Something must be wrong.

So, what would any logic person do? Exactly! I stopped the machine and called my husband. 

Our conversation went something like this.

Me: Hey, did you turn the water off to the washing machine before we went on vacation last week?

Husband: No! Why?

Me: I'm washing clothes, and the machine is turning the clothes, but not filling up with water. (flashlight in hand; trying to read and understand the on/off arrows on the water shutoff knobs)

Husband: Oh, no!! I'm on my way home.

Fortunately, he wasn't far from home. 

Making a bee-line for the laundry room with a most-concerned look on his face (surely it's broken and in need of repair-$$$$), he turns on the washing machine to restart the load. 

Then, turns toward me with a look that says, "Are you serious?!!"

This time the conversation goes like this.

Husband: "You know, the machine tosses the clothes around for about 2-3 minutes before the water starts."

Me: (Looking like a goofball) "Oh!!"

I learned two things that day. 

(1). I learned how my washing machine works.

(2). I learned to let my husband do the laundry.


  1. This is hilarious! I'm glad the washer wasn't in need of repairs. You are wise to let your husband continue with the laundry. One less thing for you to worry about. My husband also takes care of much of the cooking. I make sure to stay out of the kitchen when he does. We don't cook well together. I help with clean up and that's fine with me.

  2. This makes me giggle because my husband does the laundry and I could see the same thing happening to me! Glad to hear it wasn't a major water issue.

  3. This made me laugh! I'm glad it didn't get expensive or end badly for you, but I love the suspense you built into this piece.

  4. LOL!!!! I cannot stop laughing. This sounds like many conversations in my household where either one of us is fully in charge of a chore and when the other tries to "help out," it just goes all wrong. I'm glad it worked out though! :)


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