Sunday, March 31, 2024

So, Here I Am - March 31 2024 - SOLSC24

So, here I am - 
the last day of March.
The final day of Slicing,
but not the last day of writing.

So, here I be - 
closing the door 
as one endeavor ends.
Open to the challenge as another begins.

So, here I go - 
celebrating this accomplishment.
Recounted slivers of my living story;
Excited to plunge into poetry.


  1. Wahoo to closing out this challenge and all the best as you ramp up for your poetry challenge. “Recounting slivers of my life story” is my favorite line.

  2. This is so gorgeous - "Recounted slivers of my living story" - I love the way 'slivers' and 'living' roll together in this one line. I look forward to reading more of your wonderful poetry in April! Congratulations on 31 days of writing - woohoo!!

  3. I love the first lines of each stanza and the line "recounted slivers of my living story." I love experiencing these challenges with you and reading your writing. I look forward to the next month of poetry.

  4. "Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end." Congratulations on completing the SOLSC!

  5. Oh, Donnetta, so beautiful! I love the first lines with the one word change. And this line: "Recounted slivers of my living story" gives me chills. It's so beautiful and strong. I'll see you tomorrow as we plunge into poetry!