Saturday, March 20, 2021

Home - SOLSC 2021


There is nothing like being back home after a few days away.
There is something comforting when familiar sites and scenery come into view.
The is a calm that fills your soul when you make the last few turns that lead you to the place where you lie your hear, the place where you enjoy family meals, and the place where you are free to be you. 


  1. Line by line, I could feel the anticipation growing. Home really is the best place to be. Enjoy being home.

  2. So evocative of that feeling of going from the seldom-traveled places to the familiar, especially "the last few turns." When I'm on a long walk, I get that same feeling as I get within six blocks or so of home. The streets feel different.

  3. A sentiment I think we all share, those feelings of gratitude to be home after time away. I could feel the tension slipping off of you as you took those turns and saw home.


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