Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Next Year - SOLSC 2021


Right around this time each year, I start thinking about next year. I think about practices I will keep and those I will discard - reflecting.

This year, I'm finding it hard to reflect. Instead, I find myself wondering, since I'll be joining a 2nd grade team at a new school next year.

As much as I wonder about my new teaching environment, my new teammates, and my new Scholars, I'm also hoping. 

I'm hoping instruction and learning next year will include a classroom full of Scholars and face-to-face instruction.


  1. I sure hope you get to teach those 2nd graders in person!! Lots of change for you - how exciting! Also, lots to learn, I'm sure.

  2. First, I hope you're part of a great team that communicates and works like a well oiled machine next year. Second, I too hope next year will include a classroom full of face-to-face instruction. And finally, I think next year's class will be lucky to have you as their teacher.


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