Wednesday, March 31, 2021

I Made It - SOLSC 2021


I Made It! 

Today is the last day of March; the last day of the month-long marathon for the Slice of Life Story Challenge. And, I have written a Slice of Life everyday this month. 

This is my second year participating in the challenge, and my experience both years has been ver.y much the same.

  • struggling to generate an idea some of the days - I honestly think the struggle is part of the process.
  • being excited and daunted at the same by the challenge of having to write something every day - my own Slices, as well as thoughtful comments to other Slices.
  • wanting to quit part way through, but not quitting - Must. Finish. Strong. (or at least finish)
  • arriving at THIS very point in the challenge at which I am now - 

The End.


  1. You did it! Congratulations because the struggle is real! Until next time...

  2. While I don't love the struggle, you are absolute correct in it being part of the process. Without the struggle, I wouldn't have found the courage to be a vulnerable writer.

  3. The struggle is absolutely part of the process. I think we relate to kids so much more when we can tell them about our writerly struggles.

    And, yes, you are finishing strong!

  4. You made it! The struggle is what makes this challenge real! I recently read/heard something that went like this: There is no growth without struggle. I truly beleive that!


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