Saturday, June 19, 2021

A Feels-Big List - #sosmagic - June 19

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I have been thinking about this prompt most of today, and I could not come up with one thing that feels/felt big. What came to mind was several things that feel big in my life right now.

So, I created a list...

1. Teaching in today's political climate feels big.

2. Teaching in today's social climate feels big.

3. Letting my 22-year-old, college graduate, who will always be my baby girl, figure out her life feels big.

4. Trusting my 14-year-old, black son to be safe in this world/country/state/anywhere feels big.

5. Starting the school year in a new school with a new team of teachers who I am expected to lead feels big.

When I think about the weightiness of my list, it is not hard to feel small and insignificant. I understand, however, that feelings don't always equate to reality. As I lean in to the big-ness of my feelings, I'm confident I will learn and grow, and maybe others in my sphere will learn something, too.


  1. Your list certainly has many big things, which can also make us seem small. That baby girl who is making her way into the world - embrace big because parenting adult children is a wonderful experience!

  2. Big feelings. Big change. With trust and capacious heart you are strong to face it all.

  3. What a relief to get all those big concerns out of your head and onto paper. I love your positive take that you will learn and grow and so will others. Here's to a summer of growth for all!

  4. Wow, Donnetta, that is a list full of big things, which cause big feels. I can't imagine doing / being all those things at this time. This is quite a climate--socially, politically (and the real climate to add another thing to your list!) Yikes! Peace and prayers for you, your children, and your teacher team as you all lean in, learn and grow in BIG ways!

  5. That is quite a list. I love your line "I understand, however, that feelings don't always equate to reality." I need to remember this too.

  6. I felt your list in my heart - the weight and then the optimism.