Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Time Well Spent - #SOL21


There are times in our lives when we sacrifice our own wants and needs for those of another. Today, I had the privilege of doing this very thing for my daughter. 

I absolutely did not want to leave the house today, except to run a specific errand. But, I could tell my recently-graduated daughter was eager to get out. She spent the last 3 years making a life in Austin, but is now in transition as she moves back home. So, I did my best to extend our outing as much as I could.

1. Petco - to return an unneeded item

2. Michael's - to browse the isles

3. Marshalls / Home Goods - to check out the gourmet foods

4. Starbucks - for a late lunch and cold drinks

5. TJ Maxx - since it's on the way home (and they also have gourmet foods)

We didn't need to, nor did we, spend a lot of money. Because, today was more about spending time.

Quality Time is her Love Language after all.


  1. The day sounds like a “mom win!”

  2. You have the perfect final sentence. I am glad you had the time with your daughter.

  3. You had me at 'time well spent' and after I read your post I agree-quality time is always time well spent! Glad you had a great day together. (I'm in Texas, too!) :)

  4. Treasure those days when quality time is possible and available! I loved your last sentence:)

  5. You make me pause to remember all the times my own mom sacrificed for me. Sending hugs to her in heaven today. Your daughter won't remember the details of this day, but she will remember your love.