Saturday, January 29, 2022

Whimsical - Fantastic - Playful - Mischievous - SOS no. 73


Those of you who know me have probably read some or all of my previous posts about my Princey-Poo-Poo! 

Although I wholeheartedly believe in rescuing dogs from animal shelters, Prince was purchased from a poodle breeder due to my husband's allergic reaction to most other dog breeds.

Prince was acquired during the pandemic; during a time when my mental state was faltering from having to isolate, wear. masks, social distance, teach remotely from home, and all the other "fly-the-plane-while-building-it" shenanigans.

I chose to feature Prince as "WHIMSICAL" after I looked up synonyms for the word.

1. I think Prince is absolutely FANTASTIC. He brings so much JOY to our home. I love him very much; probably too much. He is spoiled, and he knows it.

 2. Prince definitely fits the definition for PLAYFUL. No one can escape playing fetch with him. He is relentless when he wants you to take the toy. He can be a bully, if necessary, if you take too long, forcing you to take the toy. Once you accept his invitation to play, he has the patience of Job and a death stare as he waits for you to throw the toy.

3. Prince can be just as MISCHIEVOUS as a child. He sneaks  around unheard and unseen to get into things that he knows are a NO-NO!

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  1. What a great choice as a response to “whimsical” invitation. A fantastic, playful, mischievous dog is a contributor to better well-being. Lucky you!

  2. I love this slice of whimsy. Prince is the perfect picture of WHIMSY. I , too, have a dog who I love more than I should. Her name is Luna, but we call her the Lunatic. She brings much whimsy and joy and play to our lives. I'm so glad you are writing with our little community of story collectors.