Thursday, March 24, 2022

Holding On - Day 24 - SOL 2022

Write. Share. Give 

Some of you parents may remember a show called Between the Lions. There was a segment in the show called The Adventures of Cliff Hanger. At the beginning and end of each segment, Cliff makes the same statement, "Can't. Hold. On. Much. Longer!"

As much as I enjoy the challenge of writing and posting a Slice every day for the month March, I am beginning to run out of steam.

I will use all the strength I can muster to hold on until the end of the month. 

I can do anything for 6 more days, right?


  1. Shout out for Between The Lions! I loved watching that show with my oldest whenever we were in the States. It felt like a worthy follow up to The Electric Company of my youth. You can do this. We're in the home stretch, a thought or two a day and suddenly that calendar will change and you'll have a month's worth of daily writing to look back on. Cheering you on!