Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Fight or Flight - March 27 2024 - SOLSC24

What do you do when your brain feels like it has been in fight mode all day long?  

  • You laugh to keep from crying.
  • You silently hand them their journal back with no response.
  • You walk away.
  • You keep teaching despite...
  • You try to speak in a calm voice.
  • You drive home on autopilot and almost have a fender bender.
  • You bury your head in your covers and cry your eyes out.
  • You take your dog on a 4 mile walk.
  • You try not to cry again as your write this slice.


  1. oh m goodness, Your slice and YOU deserve a great big hug and a PROMISE that tomorrow can be a new day with new hopes and new moves towards a world where teachers and students can coexist and work toward learning. I hope and pray that tomorrow it a better day

  2. Oh, how I'm sure we can all relate to this post! That's part of the burden of being a teacher, isn't it--having to put on that brave facade when you feel like crumpling inside, only to do just that when you finally get home. I hope you can gain some solace in knowing that you aren't alone...and that you have enough space and time in your schedule to truly take care of yourself.

  3. Oh, friend. Abundant comfort and peace to you. May tomorrow be uneventful and calm.