Tuesday, March 17, 2020

The Ocean: Poetry with Training Wheels

March 17, 2020

I always write my thoughts out by hand first.

I decided to stretch my-writing-self by dabbling in poetry.
I call it "Poetry with Training Wheels", because of the "Word Associations" support in the margin.

The Ocean

The ocean possesses waters so deep
Billowing waves that never sleep
The currents flux with the changing tide
Providing surfers the smoothest ride


  1. I love this! Poetry with training wheels-something I can appreciate because until I met Christie Wyman, I never thought that I could write poetry.

  2. How interesting that you write by hand first. I love a glimpse into process.

  3. Oooh! What journal is that? I love the prompts and the word association! And again, I love finding another slicer who writes by hand first. What a great idea to share your process with us in this way!