Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Writing Revelations

March 10, 2020

I reflected on my writing experience up to this point with the #100daysofnotebooking group, the Slice of Life Story Challenge group, and the Teach Write Academy Course group.

My Thoughts:
  • What I write is written for the purposes of all 3 groups. My notebooking pages can be, and are, blogged for the Slice of Life Challenge; and writing with the Teach Write Academy Course gives me set-aside time to work on writing.
  • Keeping two notebooks works for me, but I enjoy writing in one over the other.
  • I really like to write (putting words on a page), but I don't necessarily enjoy the effort it takes to make it creative in one of the notebooks I keep...something I have imposed upon myself.
  • Writing with colorful pens makes me happy.
  • Publishing my writing on my blogs, after hand-writing what I want to say, leaves me with a sense of satisfaction and pride.
  • Posting pictures of my notebook on FB, Twitter, and IG give me the same feeling.
  • I hope that some of what I write touches others in some way.


  1. I love that you are clarifying your writing identity. Also so curious that you handwrite first and then put it on the blog.

  2. Such great reflections. It’s always good to take stock and notice what is and isn’t working. I’m glad you’re finding joy in all of these challenges you are part of!

  3. Glad to find another person who handwrites first! I don't always do that with my blog, and I can feel the difference when I don't.

  4. Interesting that you handwrite first. I have moved to using my blog site as a digital journal so I write, rewrite, and decorate with digitals there. I cannot access your link for Day 11.