Monday, March 9, 2020

Please Be You, and Write!

As a participant in the #100daysofnotebooking group, I have the pleasure of reading some really good notebook pages. Most are written with colorful ink. Some are created with cut out words from other print media. Many include some kind of art. All are thoughtfully written, in my opinion.

As I scroll through some of the posts, I have noticed some writers expressing, what sounds like, disappointment with their writing, or the lack thereof. They are saying they have stopped participating (writing and/or posting) because they feel their writing isn't good enough (i.e. comparing their work to the work of others).

I feel some kind of way about this, and I hope I can write the right words that will effectively express myself, and bring encouragement to my fellow writers who are experiencing these feelings.

From my heart to yours: "Writers, you don't have to write like anyone else, except you. Your words have value and are needed in the universe. Please write! Please share! Maybe what you have to say and share is for someone other than you."


  1. Yes indeed everyone should write, it's the best way to express yourself and I so agree with your last line!

  2. We all need a cheering on like this from time to time, especially in long-distance writing challenges. Thank you for your positive post!

  3. What an encouraging message. I’m sure we all feel this way at times. Keep writing!

  4. Yes to this! I ran into this problem when I started keeping a bullet journal. I fell into the rabbit hole of looking at the spreads of people who create extraordinary artwork on their journal pages. I almost gave up, but then I saw a post similar to this one that reminded me that I wasn't keeping a journal to be in competition with anyone, that I was using my journal to stay organized and focused on my goals. I hope whoever needed to read your words today did. They were a good reminder for me. Thank you!