Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Hard Is Hard

Hard is Hard

I'm not sure which is harder...

  • Teaching remotely and trying to get Scholars to respond during the "We Do" portion of the "district/campus-mandated" Gradual Release of Responsibility Model.


  • Seeing someone hurting and not being able to put your arms around them and attempt to assure them everything will be okay.

BOTH are equally hard. One, mentally. One, emotionally.

In that moment, I did what I could. I stood 3 feet away, cried with her, and prayed.


  1. What a beautiful response. What a lovely thing to do. I think the second is harder - I mean, the diminished social emotional connection to and with our students is the most painful part of this pandemic. Academics - I believe - can be caught up. Raw emotional pain - let's deal with it now, keep it small. I hope you were able to provide this student with ideas/resources for additional help.

  2. Your Scholars and the person hurting are so blessed to have you and your prayers!

  3. I hear you. There have been so many stories breaking my heart lately and I am trying to do what I can do- pray, send a donation when I can, be supportive and present- even if it just on social media. Glad you can offer support when needed.

  4. Donnetta, I’ve been reading C.S. Lewis’s “Mere Christianity,” and he said something similar in one part: prayer is prayer. Sometimes that’s all one can do when all parts of life are competing to be the most difficult. Sending you peace and light.

  5. I feel like the humanity we often extend to one another has been missing as we slog our way through this pandemic. You did what you could to show up for another person. I’m sure that meant so much.

  6. Donnetta, peace to you, my friend. And to your student who needed a hug, and got a different kind of hug from you. Tears are balm during the pandemic. I keep thinking I know this is temporary, but it is such a loooooong temporary.