Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Too Tired - SOLSC 2021

I'm so tired, I'm having a hard time coming up with something to write for this Slice.

Normally, when I struggle to generate an idea, I would take a break...walk away... then, come back and try again.

I'm so tired, I'm not sure I would make back if I walked away.

And, since I'm committed to Slicing everyday, (even though I technically posted two on 3/20 - thanks EST/CST), I will finish strong.

So, this is my tired Slice for today, because I'm so tired.


  1. That was me yesterday! I wrote about being stuck and struggling! It means we are living like a writer -- this part is as real as when the words flow! You're almost there, Donetta -- you can do it!!

  2. I hope you feel better tomorrow. Kudos to you for showing up to slice.

  3. The struggle is real! But you did it!!

  4. You are allowed to be tired with all that you do so well! This is the first year I have skipped a day here and there. It's OK. I learned that I didn't die from that imperfection. Haha. Take care!

  5. You wrote your truth, which we can all relate to during this year of pandemic teaching.


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