Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Twitter for the Win - SOLSC 2021

Twitter Logo

In August of 2015, I started working for a Principal who swore by Twitter. She highly recommended that teachers join Twitter to follow other teachers and education professionals.

At the time, I didn't know anything about Twitter, and Facebook was primarily the only social media I used consistently. In my experience, Facebook could be messy, and people could be difficult. As a result, I was a bit hesitant to join Twitter for fear of the same experience.

When I finally decided to create a Twitter account, I also made a conscious decision to be intentional with the people I followed...strictly educators and those related to the education profession. Over the last year, I started following a plethora of authors covering a variety of genres.

This selective strategy has served my well. 
  • I learn about new and effective teaching strategies. It's almost like getting free professional development
  • I can keep up with book release dates for genres I like to read personally and for my 2nd Grade Scholars. 
  • I tweet back and forth with different authors and professionals after sharing my experience and opinion after reading their work. 
  • I enter every book giveaway I can, and I have won a lot books. 
In fact, I have won so many books lately, when they arrive, my husband gives me the side eye, because he thinks I have been spending money on Amazon.

We both smile like Cheshire Cat, when I open the packet and reveal with delight that it's a book I won on Twitter. 

Yeah, I'd definitely say, "Twitter for the Win!"



  1. You are the Twitter book goddess, Donnetta. Keep 'em coming and congrats!

  2. I moved away from Twitter when I gave up blogging a few years ago, but I need to get back there. I loved my PLN on Twitter. Now, I need to find out more about these book giveaways!

  3. Love it! Winning books is so exciting. I am familiar with that side eye you were talking about. Gave me a chuckle.

  4. You definitely have made Twitter work. “There is nothing either good or bad bugbthjnking makes it so.” That’s Twitter snd FB. Congratulations on the book wins.


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