Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Pieces of Sanity and Jeweled Fragments of Calm - SOLSC 2021

Last Friday, my friend, Leigh Anne Eck shared the poem below by Alan J Wright. In her Friday Night Quickwrite, Leigh Anne invited writers to write with her in response to Alan's words.

My Friday Night Quick Write Response

I have read the first 3 lines (of Alan's poem) several times, and I can think of several instances in which I experienced "the stormiest of days". The most recent being May 22- May 31 when Rodney was in the hospital (in Austin) with a collapsed lung. 

In the midst of the confusion around how it (could have) happened, the  frustration surrounding when he would (actually) be released, and the discomfort of sleeping in a hospital ("window") bed (me, not Rodney), there were "pieces of sanity" through it all. It has taken a few days for me to get back in stride now that we are home, but I think I am finding "jeweled fragments" of calm.


  1. Donnetta, life is fragile and uncertain so I am glad that you could find jeweled fragments of calm after your scary experience. It is so difficult to remain calm during an emergency, let alone pieces of sanity hovering in the darkness. I want to thank you for your Poetry Friday post with the new-to-me poetic form. I tried it out today and gave you credit for sharing.

  2. Donnetta, so glad you are back and finding more of those jeweled fragments of calm, so well-put in that poem. Your words helped Alan's poem come alive for me. Beautiful!

  3. I am so glad you are finding those "jellewed moments of calm". It was quite a week for you.

  4. Donnetta, I am so happy that Rodney is well and back home again and that you are finding "jewelled moments of calm". So important during the experience you just went through. Sending hugs, friend.