Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Lock the Door Behind You - Day 30 - SOL 2022


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I work in a school in which most of the faculty and staff are women. There is one man on our campus, our counselor.

On our hallway, there are two teacher bathrooms. One is designated for women; the other for men; both have locks similar to one pictured above.

Since there are no male teachers on our hall, the female teachers use the men's restroom when the women's restroom is occupied.

Unlike the lock pictured, our doors are labeled "Locked" to show occupants which way to turn the lock so one can make sure the door is locked before taking care of business.

If you are a teacher, you probably can relate to what I will describe next.
  • My students are in specials, so it's my conference time. It's almost time to pick them up, but I need to go take care of business.
  • I wear a fanny pack that holds my badge, keys, cellphone, and Mustang Bucks (used to reward students for meeting expectations).
  • I enter the lavatory. Take off my fanny pack. Take care of business.
  • Just as I'm buckling my belt, and about to wash my hands, the bathroom door swings open.
Fortunately, I was finished and completely dressed.

My colleague and I had a good laugh, and I learned that she was the reason the labels were placed on the doors in the first place.


  1. Bathrooms are so tricky when teaching! Last year, they changed our adult bathrooms to non-gendered. You can use any adult bathroom and locks from the outside. Our faculty is also predominantly women and it's a life saver!

  2. Oh my goodness! The anticipation leading up to this foreseen-by-us ending was fantastic... and your last line made me laugh out loud!!!

  3. Whew, that was close! I can totally feel the anxious race to use the restroom, not to mention all the stuff we lug around.

  4. I was anticipating the man walking in on you, or a student..."Yikes!: Thank goodness you were to the point of washing hands before your uninvited guest barged in.