Thursday, March 19, 2020

Spring: Poetry with Training Wheels

March 19, 2020

My first couple of attempts at writing a poem about Spring.


Newness emerges.

Nature awakens.

The sun shines bright.

Animal babies are born.

Plants begin to bud.

Flowers bloom bright colors.

Spring has sprung.


  1. We went for a walk today and were on the hunt for signs of spring- many of which you captured here.

  2. The first day of spring almost slipped past me, I've had my head down in my work and not paying attention. Glad it didn't pass you by! Do you think you'll write a poem a day in April for National Poetry Month?

  3. Donnetta, what a great title! Poetry with training wheels. Did having the word bank help the creativity? Training wheels are a great form of scaffolding. I can see how that would help students too.