Wednesday, December 22, 2021

2022: My Year in Books

2022: My Year in Books

I have always loved to read. I remember being a middle-schooler and perusing my grandparents' bookshelves. I enjoyed authors like Agatha Christie and Danielle Steele (not sure I was supposed to be reading Steele's novels, but I did). I even read Flowers in the Attic, and I know I should not have been reading that book. LOL

During high school, in college, and even after college, much of what I read consisted of school/work-related texts - have-to-reads. For long while, I stopped reading for enjoyment altogether. 

Being an elementary school teacher for the last 12 years has helped me find my way back to reading for pleasure. However, for many of these years, I would only read during the summer months, when life as less educators know what I mean. 

About 3 summers ago, I became intentional with reading for pleasure throughout the school year, and began experiencing how relaxing and de-stressing losing myself in a good book could be.

For 2022, I am challenging myself to achieve a specific reading goal, which consists of reading at least 50 books for pleasure. Many of the books I am planning to read will be picture books and middle grade novels that match the books prompts provided by the POPSUGAR Reading Challenge for 2022.

If you are interested in the reading challenge and to learn more, click the links above. I'd love the company.


  1. You already know you have inspired me to try this challenge too. Are you matching books to the categories in advance or reading them matching? I also track my reading on Goodreads and happily have exceeded my goal for 2021. #kidsbooksrock

  2. Donnetta, dang it! I was not thinking of taking something like this on, although I'm deeply embarrassed by the fewness of the books I've read/listened to for personal pleasure over the last 20 years...but this is a year of big change for me and that downloadable sheet look so enticing and dang it, I think I'll give it a try! Wishing you a new year of bookin it!