Monday, January 3, 2022

My TBR List for 2022


In 2021, I set a goal to read 48 books for the year. I read a total of 64 books. I am quite proud of myself.

For 2022, I have set a goal to read 60 books, but I'm sure I will read more. One condition of my goal is to focus on reading books for pleasure (though I may have to read some for professional development).

I am using two reading challenges to assist me.

1. #mustreadin2022 - a challenge that lets me list the books I wanted to read in 2021, but didn't, and encourages me to commit to reading them in 2022.

2. #popsugarreadingchallenge2022 - a challenge that provides a list of book prompts that will guide some of the books I choose to read throughout the year.

The books that remain on the book shelf 2021 include:

  • Ghost by Jason Reynolds
  • Rescue at Lake Wild by Terry Lynn Johnson
  • Cilla Lee-Jenkins: Future Author Extraordinaire by Susan Tan
  • Cilla Lee-Jenkins: This Book is a Classic by Susan Tan
  • Cilla Lee-Jenkins: The Epic Story by Susan Tan
  • Just Be Cool Jenna Sakai by Debbi Michiko Florence
  • Twins by Varian Johnson
  • Three Keys by Kelly Yang
  • Horace & Bunwinkle: The Case of the Rascally Raccoon by PJ Gardner
  • Shuri (A Black Panther Novel) by Nic Stone
  • Polo Cowboy by Gregory Neri
  • Trouble at Turtle Pond by Diana Renn
  • Pax by Sara Pennypacker
  • Where the Heart Is by Jo Knowles
  • Love is Revolution by Renee Watson
  • In the Shadow of the Moon by Amy Cherrix
  • The Lucky Ones by Linda Williams Jackson
I am hopeful that I will meet my goal of reading each of these books for the Must Read in 2022 challenge. I am also hopeful that some or all of these books will match a book prompt for the Pop Sugar Reading Challenge. Either way, I am certain I will enjoy spending time reading the books on my list.


  1. The books on your list that I managed to get to last year show that you are going to have a fabulous reading year. Cilla Lee-Jenkins is completely new to me. I bawled my eyes out reading Where the Heart Is, so make sure you have a box of tissues on hand for that one.
    Happy Reading this year.

  2. You have some great books on this list! Love Ghost! It is one of my classroom book club selection and is a hit with the kids as well. I also loved Pax, and the second one is on my own #MustRead list this year. We have the same reading goal - 60! I usually just do 52, one for each week of the year, but I decided to push myself a little! I am so glad you are joining in of the fun!